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The Weekend Box – Grow your own sunflower


Our weekend boxes have lots of great activities in but the one we have chosen to upload this time round is for How to Grow your own Sunflower.  Sunflowers must be the staple of every child’s younger years, I also remember growing them myself when I was of a much younger age.

The kit came with just about everything we needed to plant some seeds, including the seeds!!

Here is our step by step guide of what to do:


1.  Find a suitable container.  We had some spare plant pots but the instructions also suggested that we could use an egg box which is just what we did.

2.  Take the compost pods that were provided and place in each segment of the egg box.  Add some water and watch the pods expand.  It was like magic.

3.  Leave the pods for 5 minutes whilst they expand (it was fascinating to watch) and then cut away the netting that was holding the pod together.  This loosens up the compost to press into the box segments.


4.  Make an indent in the compost, take a seed and then cover the seed over with the compost.

5.  Water gently (you do need to be careful as if you over-water it leaks out of the egg box.


6.  Theoretically there should not be much mess to clear up as it is all quite self contained but, when you are dealing with a toddler, who knows what mess can be made …..


Here is a pic of our sunflowers a few days later:




Have you successfully grown sunflowers?  Do share your pictures with us over on our Facebook page :-)

If you like what you see, why not sign up and get a free box to try it out at The Weekend Box – it really is that simple!

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Alison is a mum of 4 and grandma to 1. She works part time as a personal shopper, runs her own virtual assistance company and blogs at Walking in Grandmas Shoes.

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