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Mitzi, crawling along into day #6

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Moshi Monsters Series 11: Mitzi

After the cool Lips on Day 7, we have another treat in store for you today, with the amazingly cute, Mitzi, the Clockwork Crawly. This wee lady is terrible at mislaying her keys, which isn’t too clever considering it sticks out the top of her head, and is rather important for them. Without being wound up, these little ladies aren’t going anywhere, they can’t even make it down to the shops without a turn of that there key!

Every morning, they need to be wound up; and once they have been, they like nothing better than having a wee disco boogie, or humming melodies rather fast in your ear in an ear-grating high-pitched voice.

Personality: Captivating, humble and very sociable

Habitat: For some reason, they like to make nests on dusty shelves, we suspect its because they tend to get bought with small people’s pocket money and then forgotten about as the novelty wears off… another good place to spot them is on Midge Ridge.

Likes: Whackcurrant lollies and texting

Dislikes: Sticky paper and blue light bulbs, though I have absolutely no idea why…anyone?

Mitzi is a bit of a hit with us, and is certainly my favourite of the countdown so far, but who is going to be next – only five more moshlings to go!

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