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Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown #16: Afraid to peek out is…Quincy

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Moshi Monsters Series 9: Quincy

Yesterday was a punk day with Mumbo, an today has gone kind of fuzzy with Quincy, the fraidy FuzzyFace… though I have to admit he just looks a bit like a ball of fluff with hands to me. Something you might find hiding down the back of the sofa if you hadn’t done the vacuuming for a bit perhaps…


These guys are the agrophobes of the moshling world, they tell you of all the amazing things that they have done in the world, from being frazzled by lightning, squished by falling pianos and attacked by swarms of sillipedes; but the fact is that they very rarely leave the house. If they do, it usually involves A LOT of protective gear otherwise they just don’t feel very comfortable. They won’t leave the house without protective gloves, rubber boots and hardhats. There is danger around every corner after all!


Anxious, jumpy, callow.


They don’t let going out much, so prefer to stay in and read The Daily Fail.


They are against going out mahoosively, as well as toffee apples. Perhaps they get stuck in their fur…

Rank – Rarity

152 – Rare

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY in the countdown, so from Quincy, where are we going to go, eh? Sign up to the blog to find out….

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