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Plumpty, proving far too proper for us all #9

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Moshi Monsters Series 11: Plumpty

As dithering as the dodos from Darwin were on day 10 of our series 11 countdown, Plumpty is as prudish. These proper puds turn their noses up at anything that is slightly strange or odd, so no idea what they are doing in Moshiland, do you?

Their dislike of anything unusual is even more strange considering that their own icing covered heads are rather peculiar. The magic icing that fills them tastes a lot like mulled Bongo Colada. However, because they are so prudish, they wouldn’t actually go about trying it for themselves!

Personality: Strait-laced, old-fashioned and honest

Habitat: Believe it or not, they live in converted mixing bowls in Knickerbocker Nook, but they do tend to visit Ooh La Lane around Twistmastime – can’t think why…

Likes: That lovely yellow gooey stuff you put on puds; that’ll be custard of course, and old fashioned values

Dislikes: Paper plates and spoon lickers.

What a sweet end to our first half of the moshling countdown with Plumpty, what is it going to be on Day 8 I wonder, will we have more sweetness, or are we in for something a little bit different?


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