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King Brian, roaring into our countdown in at #8

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Moshi Monsters Series 11: King Brian

From the sweetness of the prudish pud Plumpty, we now have the rather regal King Brian on our next day within the moshi series 11 countdown. Kind Brian is a rather dandy lion, or at least they think that they are. They are all convinced that they have regal heritage courtesy of being descended from Emperor Meow, the Regal Roarer who used to preside over the Barmy Swami Jungle.

The truth is that these rather silly creatures have just raided the Christmas Cracker boxes at Twistmas and placed a crown on their heads to try and make themselves feel a little bit more royal.

Personality: Regal, snooty, and deluded

Habitat: You might find the occasional lion performing at Fopkin Circus, but most of them time they are to be found perched on cardboard thrones in the Barmy Swami Jungle pretending to do their regal best.

Likes: Shaking paws and tinfoil medals

Dislikes: Press intrusion, like any good royals, and commoners, perhaps not like any good royals..

So we have a touch of royalty now in the mosling countdown with King Brian – who will it be next, we will find out at the weekend now! :-D

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