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Popov, getting their boogie on for #4

Nishi Monsters Series 11: Popov

From Snuggy with his peculiar bobble hat that can charge his phone, to Popov, the moshling with the most amazing hat shaped hair that you are ever likely to see. These are ultra rare moshlings, that are forever showing off their amazing dancing to anyone that will watch, or happens to spot them. Their traditional Dinkinov dancing, haystack backflipping, and toy hammer juggling, is truly a sight to behold. These dancing dinkinovs have a bit of a soft spot for bowls of goo-lash and vobble-ade too and if they aren’t dancing, you might find them chomping on this instead. Don’t touch the hair though, you might just make them mad!

Habitat: These guys are SOOO talented at dancing that they are generally on tour with the Moshikov circus, though they do ocassionally hang out and fold their arms, very, very fast in Choppemov Square

Likes: Battyfish eggs and fiddling on the roof; rather similar to their *almost* namesake in the real world “Topov” who was so desperate to be a Rich Man as we all know…

Dislikes: Decadence and happy statues.

The wee Russian Popov means that there really aren’t too many more days left in our moshling series 11 countdown – before we give one lucky reader a chance to win ALL 16 of the series 11 moshlings. Don’t miss out, and do please come back if you can so you are in with a chance of winning too. I wonder who we will meet tomorrow now Popov has danced off into the sunset….

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