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Casey, whispering and croaking into view at #3

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Monshi Monsters Series 11: Casey

Popov was dancing for joy on day 4 of our series 11 countdown, and today with only two more days to go, we have a froggy hopping onto the scene. Casey, our moshling frog, is in charge of some of the best kitchens in Monstro City. They make some of the most scrumptious dishes in the land, such as Casserole au Croak which is always finished off with a single strand of the best Oobla Doobla in the land.

They are Croaky Cooks, because they shout so much in order to stay in charge of their kitchens. We all know that shouting is the best way to keep on top in any busy kitchen. However, because they shout so much, they can barely speak, never mind order their staff about with their croaking.

Personality: Pretentious, talented, and nit-picky

Habitat: If they aren’t working hard and cooking up a storm in the best restaurants in town, like Sandy Drain Hotel, then they are found checking out the recipe competition in Lilypad Lake and Croak Creek

Likes: Eggs whisks, and moshlings that shout “yes, chef”

Dislikes: Dirty surface, and they can’t abide frozen food, if its not freshly made and preferably in their kitchen, its not worth having….

Only two days to go now, so who on earth will be next? Tune in tomorrow when we find out who’s after Casey in our moshling countdown….

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