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Moshi Monsters: How to draw Oddie (Video)

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A few weeks ago, Stuntboy, Chatterbox and I visited London, and as well as learning what fun free things there were to do in London, particularly in Trafalgar Square, we also popped into the Design a Moshling Gallery in London. Also for free – unless you count the cost of getting us there.

While we were there, the kids had a ball, as always; looking at the winning design, Pinestein…though Chatterbox was a little disappointed as she drew a moshling too for the competition, but never got around to entering, and hers was a pineapple too!

We managed to take a few photos of how to draw Oddie, the delightful doughnut moshling…and here we go – for your delight too, pens at the ready…!

My daughter had a bash – and this was her first attempt…not coloured in as yet, but still it’s looking pretty good, eh? I even had a try, but as my daughter’s is a lot better than my attempt considering I am forty and she is seven….I am not going to embarrass her by putting my “How to draw Oddie” attempt in here…. *not cool*

How to draw Oddie: Chatterbox style

However, I bet that YOU can do as well, if not better.

We would love to see you link up your versions of Oddie, so pin them and link to them if you can…or post on Facebook, Instagram – whereever you fancy it. When you have pop the link below. Here is the linky too – lets go Oddie maddie!

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