Tubby Snowball DvD
12 Days of Christmas

Win Teletubbies – Tubby Snowball DvD #KiddyChartsAdvent

It is DAY EIGHT of our 12 festive Christmas giveaways in 12 days! Today’s prize is fun Teletubbies – Tubby Snowball DvD. If you missed DAY SEVEN – Win a Dinosaur DNA set – there is still plenty of time to join the competition. About Teletubbies Originally created in 1997, Teletubbies is one of the most successful global children’s brands […]

by Helen • December 8, 2016
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Win £100 Visa Gift Card with DC Super Hero Girls

We have a great new show to introduce to you all: DC Super Hero Girls on YouTube… If you are looking for a great show, that gives your kids something to dive into the weekend and beyond with a bit of traditional girl-power, then you’re looking in the right place! There are plenty of characters on the […]

by Helen • April 23, 2016
Gorgeous Chinese New Year card, complete with a little Monkey for a Monkey. Perfect for this year in the Year of the Monkey
Free Coloring Pages for Kids Free printable activities & reward charts

Free monkey pop up card template and monkey colouring page

We have an absolutely adorable craft for you today. It is a monkey pop up card, which is perfect for the Year of the Monkey, for Chinese New Year; it does after all, say “Happy New Year” on the front *bit of a giveaway that* Just so as the card doesn’t get too lonely, we also have […]

by Helen • February 6, 2016
Win Christmas with channel mum! Closes 18th December.
Great giveaways for kids & parents

Win £500 of toys and groceries with Channel Mum

You KNOW we like to be able to give you some groovy giveaways? Well it’s Christmas, so…. ….here is a groovy one from Channel Mum on YouTube. You could win: £500 supermarket vouchers for your groceries £500 vouchers to spend on toys 6 bottles of champagne Boxes of chocolates Christmas crackers Christmas tree & decorations […]

by Helen • December 4, 2015
New mums are always offered advice, and sometimes it gets overwelming. So here are just 15 things to help you get off to a good start as a new mum with that newborn. Now go and get some sleep! ;-)
Parenting Tips

15 quick tips to help you get a great start as a new mum

Becoming a first time mum can make you feel loved, empowered, filled with a new sense of belonging – and totally clueless. Being a new mum isn’t an easy thing to get used to…. Photo credits: / phaendin It doesn’t matter how many baby books you read in advance, or how many friends with children you speak […]

by Helen • November 20, 2015
How can you help your toddler with their speech development, and encourage them to be talking and chatting? We have some great ideas for you.
Behaviour training tips for parents

Tips to encourage your toddler’s speech development

  In this week’s hangout with Beckie Whitehouse, we are talking about speech and how we can help our toddlers with their speech development. First words are usually spoken at the age of around one and usually consist of dadda, mamma or nanna.  Dadda often comes first much to any mum’s disgust ;-)  Babies will […]

by Helen • October 2, 2015
Do your kids get pocket money - that's great, because there are a few reasons why having it is good for your kids.
Parenting Tips

Why having pocket money is good for your kids

  Today’s hangout with Beckie Whitehouse is all about pocket money!  Do we give it to our kids; what for; how much and whether or not it is a good idea.  We both have our own opinions and I am sure that you will all have yours ;-) Areas of the topic that we discuss […]

by Helen • September 11, 2015
It isn't easy - even for an adult - dealing with disappointment, whether it s lower grade, a different class, or just something more simple. Here are some ideas to help out kids deal with those slightly tougher times....
Behaviour training tips for parents

How to help your child deal with disappointments

  This week, with Beckie Whitehouse, we are talking about facing disappointment.  As adults we often face disappointments in our lives and it is just the same for children, especially when they have put their all into a particular task and it has not quite worked out as they had planned. Children who are better […]

by Helen • August 28, 2015
how are you going to tackle to school holiday tiredness. We have some great tips for you to get through the tireder times!

Summer term tiredness – How to survive the holidays

Summer term tiredness is our latest topic in our Google Hangout series.     It is now the end of summer term and my kids are shattered!!  It has been a very long half term and there has been so much going on in school, the weather has been hot and the children are sleeping less […]

by Helen • August 7, 2015
Do you want your kids to have good manners? We chat about how you can encourage good habits from an early age and beyond, so they are polite.
Behaviour training tips for parents

Good manners: How to help our kids be polite little people

  Welcome to another hangout on air and this week we are discussing teaching our children good manners. Good manners aren’t something that kids are just born with of course. They are something that they need both to be taught, and also see other using, so that they can learn to copy. As we all […]

by Helen • July 31, 2015