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5 of the best video Santa messaging services

This year might be a bit of a different year for Christmas, so it would be extra special for the kids if they managed to get a video santa message, wouldn’t it? So don’t worry – we have managed to track a few of the options down for you so you don’t have to search far and wide to get them!

This post contains affiliate links to video Santa providers.

Couple these with the personalised nice list certificate that we have onsite and you are on to a winner!

1. Portable North Pole Video Santa

Welcome, Mrs. Claus!

Portable North Pole is one of our favourite names for anything in the universe – bizarrely enough this is a true fact. Clever, and straight to the point, much like the products! This year Mrs Claus is getting in on the act, making sure that Santa is organised, and everyone that deserves a gift, gets one. The video Santa packages on PNP are extremely reasonable with a single video message costing £3.99. This is a message of your choice from a series of different ones available on the site, from trying your best in school, encouraging good behaviour, to even a bit of mid year encouragement!

If you feel you want a little more than this, you get access to all the videos for a full year for £10.99 using a magic pass, meaning that you can use a little Santa encouragement with your children whenever you need it. For the really Santa mad, there is a 10-year option of £30.99.

We don’t just love the name for PNP – we think this is probably our favourite Video Santa app.

If you want 10% off the Magic passes and videos, then visit the site and use the coupon code KIDDYCHARTS at check out.

2. Talk to Santa

Talk to Santa offers a number of different video Santa options for kids, starting at $24.95 with a personalised video message for family, and friends. You can even have a LIVE video call with Santa for a little bit more ($39.95). The site offers a VIP package at $64.95 with up to six children allowed on the call and a donation to Toys for Tots, alongside a free nice list certificate for the kids to cherish.

Use the Coupon KIDDYCHARTS at checkout for 10% off your orders as well!

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3. Elfi Santa

Video from Santa Claus

Elfi has a number of different video messages which you can personalise to your child. For example, Santa’s Secret videos take only an hour to create, and are £12.99 for one child, and £14.99 for siblings. There are other messages to choose from on the site, and depending on the package delivery is between 1-3 hours, includes a nice list certificate, and enables you to add your child’s photo (or photos) to the video. Elfi also has a version for grown ups, so that if you wanted to extend the video Santa experience to your partner or a friend, you can.

4. Absolutely Amazing Parties

We wanted to include something a little different in this list – and THIS is it! Absolutely Amazing Parties is a party company based in the UK, and for £25 your child can have a LIVE and interactive chat with Santa. We think that this is super cool. The call is with an experienced children’s entertainer, and the calls aren’t as scripted as some of the other events that the company manages, simply because kids LOVE to talk to Santa, and are often very willing to just go with it. You can ask for The Night Before Christmas story within the call, and children also get a nice certificate and a letter from Santa as part of the package.

5. Video Chat with Santa

2020 Video Chat with Santa Call children from Santa this Christmas

This is a US-Based company, that works across the globe. This is another live booking video Santa. You need to arrange the time to call, and Santa will chat to your child for 5 minutes at the allotted time. Calls are $29.99 and are available throughout the year, so if you need a little pre-Christmas motivation, then you can perhaps fit one in before the big day.

Please bear in mind your location when booking Santa, he is based in America, Eastern Time Zone, so be sure to translate to where you are.

We do hope that you like these video Santa ideas – we think that adding something like this to the Christmas schedule this year could be really magical for the kids. If you are a bit of a Christmas nutter (like us!), do check out some of the other resources on the site to help make Christmas special this year:

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We love to feel appreciated from time to time.

Take care and see you again soon,


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