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Free printable Santa stop here sign

Christmas is just around the corner! Little girls and boys everywhere will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of their presents from Santa. During this time of year kids often get a little nervous about whether or not Santa will stop at their home. That’s why we wanted to share this free printable Santa Stop Here DIY sign craft.

With this Santa Stop Here sign, your kids will sleep tight knowing that Santa is on his way and won’t forget to stop.

We all love a Santa Stop sign as a reminder of who is arriving with our christmas presents soon! Here is a fantastic free printable Santa Stop sign for you!

Making a DIY Santa Stop Here Sign with your kids will help you enjoy the quality time together.

You could opt to color this printable or print it in with the color already in there for the kids.

Either way, this DIY Santa Stop Here Sign will be a favorite for years to come.

Keeping the magic of Santa alive in the home is just one of the hard steps in parenthood. As your kids get older, they may not believe in the magic any longer. This is simply part of growing up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work with the older siblings to keep the magic of Christmas time alive with the little kids.

Older siblings can assist the younger siblings in making this DIY Santa Stop Here Sign so that everyone is happy on Christmas Eve.

What do Families do for Christmas Traditions?

There are many family Christmas traditions that every culture and family household partake in. Perhaps this year you can start making this DIY Santa Stop Here Sign as an annual Christmas tradition with your family.

Family Tradition Ideas for Christmas

  • Bake Christmas cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.
  • Watch Christmas movies for a week leading up to Christmas Eve.
  • Wear matching holiday pajamas.
  • Have an ugly Christmas sweat competition.

How to Make a Santa Stop Here Sign

If you’re wondering what to do with this Santa Stop Here Sign, then we have some ideas for you. Continue reading for some tips on how to make a Santa Stop Here Sign with your kids.

Print the Santa Stop Here sign on paper. Feel free to print this in color or black and white so the kids can color their own version of this DIY Santa Stop Here sign.

Once your sign has been printed and colored in if that’s what you choose to do, it’s time to make this DIY Santa Stop Here Sign good for placement outside or inside your home.

You can glue your Santa Stop Here printable to cardstock or cardboard to make it longlasting.

As soon as you’ve made your DIY Santa Stop Here sign good for the elements, you can place it on your front door.

Have your kids grab some strong tape and tape this DIY Santa Stop Here Sign to the outside of your front door. This will tell Santa to stop at your home and allow your kids to sleep better knowing that Santa won’t forget them. Click the image below to download.

We all love a Santa Stop sign as a reminder of who is arriving with our christmas presents soon! Here is a fantastic free printable Santa Stop sign for you!

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We all love a Santa Stop sign as a reminder of who is arriving with our christmas presents soon! Here is a fantastic free printable Santa Stop sign for you!

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