24 Christmas activities for kids; Free eBook #KiddyChartsAdvent

We;ve got some amazing Christmas Activities for Kids - 25 of them for you and all free free. Come on in and download them now! #christmas #kids #activities #ebook

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We are spoiling you AGAIN this Christmas! We have TWENTY-FOUR CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES for kids to do this year. Every single one of them is free to you too. The great thing about this eBook is that you can do it this year, or save it until next year. Doesn’t matter what Christmas we are in; it is still relevant to you and the kids.

We;ve got some amazing Christmas Activities for Kids - 24 of them for you and all free free. Come on in and download them now! #christmas #kids #activities #ebook

There are so many different activities for you to try either with the kids, or they can have a go on their own:

  • Day 1: Dot to dot,
  • Day 2: Mazes,
  • Day 3: Word searches,
  • Day 4: Crosswords,
  • Day 5: I Spy,
  • Day 6: Spot the differences,
  • Day 7: Counting,
  • Day 8: Colour by numbers,
  • Day 9: Trace and colour,
  • Day 10: Picture matching,
  • Day 11: Word scramble,
  • Day 12: Word scramble key,
  • Day 13: Dear Santa letters,
  • Day 14: Ornament drawing,
  • Day 15: Ornament patterns,
  • Day 16: Ornament matching,
  • Day 17: Cookies patterns,
  • Day 18: Snowflake tracing,
  • Day 19: Snowflake cutting,
  • Day 20: Snowflake maze,
  • Day 21: Odd one out shadows,
  • Day 22: Santa same actions (match the Santa and the actions),
  • Day 23: Dot to dot,
  • Day 24: Tic Tac Toe,
  • Day 25: If I were Santa Claus I would look like this….!

That should keep the kids busy enough for you to be able to sneak a little Christmas gin, or the hide and wrap the presents.

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There are some other activities with a Christmas theme on the site too, so do take a look at them as well:

If you would like to download this Christmas activities for kids eBook now though, just click on the image below.

We've got some amazing Christmas Activities for Kids - 24 of them for you and all free free. Come on in and download them now! #christmas #kids #activities #ebook

Just enough to keep the kids busy – we also have suggestions for other Christmas printables for you and the kids too.

If there isn’t enough for you here, why not check out some of these activities to do with the kids at Christmas too?

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It is a pleasure helping you out with entertaining the kids this Christmas, and see you soon.


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