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With the rates of technology for kids advancing at the rapid rate it does it is now more important than ever for parents to focus on keeping our kids up to date with technology and keeping them safe online.

If you are looking for ways to keep your kids up to date with technology we have plenty of resources on technology for kids. Here are some of the best ideas and most popular posts;

Are you confused and don’t know when you should give your kids their first mobile phone or when kids are mobile phone ready, take a look at our post.

Another big concern for many parents is how to keep their kids safe online? There are a lot of dangers online and it may be difficult for parents to stay on top of their kids online activity. Thankfully, where there are problems there are also solutions. Have you considered a family VPN? Find out why it can help when it comes to protecting your kids online.

We also want you to know that even though it is scary to allow your kids to be online there are ways to make letting your kids going online less scary.

Our site is updated weekly, so do take a look and find more resources to help you and your family stay safe online and keep up to date with technology for kids.