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40+ Apps to help Kids with science

Technology is an excellent resource for schools and parents to help children to learn about STEM. With this in mind, we are sharing this excellent resource from STEM Learning who have produced a list of a staggering 40 apps to help Kids with science that you can access to help your kids wither these subjects. All from your smart phone. Apps are available on Google, or Apple, and sometimes both!

Apps to help Kids with science

To make things easy, the list has been split down into different subjects, and includes further information including:

  • Title of the app,
  • Brief summary of what the app does,
  • What age range the app is targeted at, and
  • Links to download the app on Google or Apple.

The topics covered include:

  • General science,
  • Biology,
  • Chemistry,
  • Physics.

For further help with STEM Learning, and specifically other computing related apps, do check out the STEM Learning site for more excellent resources.

We wanted you to have a little taster of the apps included before downloading the full list, so here are a few thoughts and ideas on the list below.

General science

General science APPS

This covers some of the more generalised ideas and skills within science, as well as safe searching. There are 10 Apps to help Kids with science include in this topic, some examples are:

  • Kidzsearch: A child-friendly search engine suitable for 5+,
  • Science Journal from Google: a place to keep all the observations, ideas, and writing about a specific concept in one place. An excellent way to document your scientific investigations, and
  • Skitch: An excellent app that allows for annotation of pictures which can aid with the observation skills required in science (5+ again),


Biology Science APPS

Within this topic, apps that assist in our understanding of life sciences and the natural world are provided for children. There are 9 apps within this section including:

  • Insects Life Cycle: For age 5+, this is a lovely little app that explains the life cycle of insects to kids clearly, and with concepts that they can relate to,
  • NHM Fossil Explorer: An app from the wonderful Natural History Museum in London that allows children to explore the plant and animal fossils that can be found under their feet, and
  • Zoo for preschool kids: Showing younger children (2+), how important it is to look after and care for animals


Chemistry APPS

The focus for this section is on chemistry and the elements to help kids to understand more about the chemicals within our bodies and around us. There are 7 apps detailed in the list. These do focus a little more on the older age groups, with KS3-5 being covered predominantly:

  • Nuclear: Children can make atoms of substances from the periodic table and see what they are made of (12+)
  • Periodic table: The Royal Society of Chemistry has developed an interactive periodic table. The detail within the app includes how the atoms were discovered, and applications of the elements within real life.


Physics STEM Learning

By far the largest topic within the resource, with 22 app details provided here; focusing on everything from the sky at night, to forces and measurement of speed:

  • Quantum 3: An app for those from 5+ to make quantum physics fun! No mean feat, but you can match and swap quarks and build subatomic particles in the app. An excellent way to make something complicated seem simpler and exciting for younger to even older kids,
  • Sky Map: We LOVE this app, in its simplest terms its a planetarium in your hand!
  • Unit converter: Everyone struggles with the complexities of translating oz into g and lbs into kg – this app helps with everyday unit conversions.

In order to download this, just click on the circular image below, and the list is yours. As we have already mentioned, this is sourced from STEM Learning, so pop along and see their other home learning ideas too.

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