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Free solar system game for kids to help with STEM learning

This DIY solar system game for kids will encourage them to learn more about our solar system. This simple printable is a fun way to spend quality time together while encouraging playtime with kids. You could easily use it to help them with a little bit of independent STEM learning as well. Simply print out the three-page solar system game and prepare it for gameplay.

Free printable solar system game for kids

Why do kids need to learn about the solar system?

Allowing your kids to learn more about the solar system can help them compare Earth with the other planets in our solar system. Here is some information about each planet to guide you forward in using this solar system game for kids as an educational tool.


the planet Jupiter

This is the largest of all of the planets in our solar system. Jupiter has dozens of moons.


solar system

This is the smallest planet in our solar system and is the closest to the sun. Mercury has longer days and short years due to its rotation.



This planet is known to have the highest winds ever, and much higher than we’d ever see on planet Earth.


the planet Mars

This planet is closest to Earth and has the highest mountain in our solar system that measures at 16 miles high.


the planet Saturn

This planet is mostly gas and doesn’t have a surface like we do on planet Earth. Saturn rings around it that many kids may be familiar with seeing or hearing about.


planet Earth

This is the only planet in our solar system known to have water. Earth is the only planet to be known to have life in our solar system.


the planet Uranus

This planet rolls instead of rotating like the other planets in our solar system. Uranus is most known for having 20 year-long seasons because of how it rolls as opposed to rotates like other planets do.


the planet Venus

This planet has so many hot gasses that it would be impossible to live on Venus. This planet is most known for all of the greenhouse gases that surround it.

How to use the solar system game for kids

  1. Download the solar system three-page template,
  2. Cut out the planet shapes,
  3. Place the solar system template on a table,
  4. Have your kids try to place the planets in their correct spot in the solar system printout, and
  5. Once your kids have successfully guessed where the planets go, you can have them glue them on the paper in the right positions.

This is an excellent activity to work towards educating your kids about the solar system before they venture to kindergarten. It’s a simple printable that will be a fun rainy day activity and encourage your kids to want to learn more.

It is the time to download the Free Solar System game for kids. Click the square image below to get access.

Free solar system game for kids

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I hope you can get more excited working together with kids about solar system. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates from us.

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Free solar system game for kids

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