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Introducing the human body system and organs is not so easy for the younger learners. Our human body matching game printable is a fun activity that also gives education to children.

Large image of human body matching game sheet examples.

When our kids are at a younger age they often want to play rather than learning. We want our children to learn, but it is also important for them to play to avoid getting bored in studying. We made this human body matching game to make their study more fun. Playing while learning, isn’t it a great idea?

The printable contains :

  1. 6 parts of our human body organ
  2. 6 body where you can match where those organs are located in our body.
  3. 6 names of each body organs.
  • the heart
  • the stomach
  • the kidneys
  • the lungs
  • the large intestines
  • the bladder

What you’ll need to do :

  • Download the human body printable
  • cut it out

How to play:

  1. Mix the card
  2. Match the card of human body organ into the human body where those organs are located in our body.
  3. Then match the names of the human body organ

Have some fun and learn more things. To download this human body matching game – just click on the square image below.

Human body matching game - examples sheets for you for STEM learning.

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Sharing is caring!


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