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Mountain ecology for kids printables with Myra Makes

We are back with another wonderful Myra Makes activity pack, this time we are sharing a Mountain ecology for kids printables with Myra Makes.

Mountain ecology for kids printables with Myra Makes #freeprintablesforkids #ecologyprintables #printableactivities

We previously shared a great set of Myra Makes homeschool activities with lots of creative challenges as well as a set of STEAM activities with you, add this set and you have a whole lot of fun learning activities ready for your little one. The more creative learning printables, the better we think.

To get these Mountain ecology for kids printables with Myra Makes just click on any of the six images bellow.

Go on a mountain adventure! Can you name all 3 places that are shown on the images? All done? Now draw and label 2 things that Myra might find in each of those places. What could those things be? Think hard and put your drawing skills to the test.

Before you even go on your adventure, you need to pack your bag. Draw 3 things that you will need for your adventure. What do you think is best to take with you? Will it be a snack? A useful tool maybe? Or something completely different? So many possibilities.

Let’s go quickly! Think about how might you make two ways for Myra to travel to the mountains faster. What could those be? Hmm, we can think of quite a few ways.

Time to relax a little bit with a nice colouring in session. Grab your favourite coloring supplies and color the forest and mountains, along with all its inhabitants, from the large bear to the small ladybug.

Last in this set of ecology for kids printables is this forest animals one. Forest is full of all kinds of wonderful creatures so it’s no wonder Myra meet a whole lot of new friends. And they want to join her on the adventure too. Cut out all the animals and the info. These fellows need your help getting them ready for the winter.

A little bit more about Myra Makes

Myra Makes is a super creative education company based in Boulder, Colorado.

The company is on a great mission to empower kids with love of learning and to inspire them to start their own learning adventures whenever they can.

They approach to education with a kid centered view, introducing problem solving through various engaging adventures, in which kids get to follow the main character Myra and help her and the fascinating new friends they meet along the way. Fun right?

Myra Makes have brought the adventure to life with their first product, a creative learning adventure book, available on Amazon  . These wonderful educational activities are now offered as a monthly subscription mailed right to your door. Talk about convenient!

The first three months are always free, and for every person that gets reffer to join, you will receive an additional month, absolutely free. You can sign up for our subscription at

A great way to plan and enhance your homeschool activities and afterschool learning.

Mountain ecology for kids free printables with Myra Makes

Target Audience

Parents and teachers of kids aged 6-10

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Mike Marko

Friday 10th of November 2017

Since children can learn easily in visual your materials is very appropriate for children and your materials are very good. I used to print some stuff like this before and I make my kids answer it. they really have fun doing this when they are little. Thanks!

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