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STEAM activities: Improve spatial reasoning with Myra Makes

We’re exploring STEAM activities: Improve spatial reasoning with Myra Makes today!

STEAM activities: Improve spatial reasoning with Myra Makes #Steamactivities #freeprintablesforkids #printableactivitiesforkids

We’ve been having fun with Myra Makes homeschool activities not so long ago, and now it’s time to add even more amazing printables to your collection.

Can you repair the wind-powered well to get the water for the farm? Think hard and draw the missing gears on the picture to make the water well functional.

There are so many different paths you can take to get the termite to the chamber. Draw the shortest path for the termite, not forgetting to get each chemical as you go and bring it to the mixing chamber. Talk about wonderful STEAM activities.

Can you help the bird to fix the machine? All that’s needed is to make some green colour and, and this is the really tricky part, find the secret code to start making energy. It sure took us a while to solve these STEAM activities.

Can you connect the colored pipes and fill in the gears with the missing colours? We are ready to go!

Info on Journey to Cloud City

Loved these activities?They are a selections from the Journey to Cloud City.

We would like to encourage you to extend the activities by getting creative with your kids, using arts and various crafts supplies to build the all kinds of environments, solutions, and bringing characters to life, to go along with the activities, after you’ve drawn on the printables and solved all the problems! This will guaranteed make the learning process even more fun.

The craft supplies we recommend, and are our favourite, are pom poms, pipe cleaners, building supplies such as Lego building blocks, Brackitz, and PlusPlus, and also re-used materials, such as bottle caps, newspaper and scrap cardboard.

We would also love to encourage parents to work together with their kids on these activities as we’ve found they’re often just as much fun for adults as they are for the kids! And it’s always a wonderful way to spend some time together.

Remember to keep the process as open-ended as possible when offering suggestions or asking your kids questions when they’re working on the activities.

Available on Amazon:

Improve spatial reasoning with Myra Makes

Info on Myra Makes

Myra Makes is a creative education company based in Boulder, Colorado.

The company is on a  mission is to empower kids with love of learning and to inspire them to start their own learning adventures. Their approach to education is kid-centered, introducing problem-solving through adventures, in which kids get to follow the main character Myra and help her and the new friends they meet along the way.

Myra Makes have brought the adventure to life with their first product, a creative learning adventure book, available on Amazon  . These wonderful educational activities are now offered as a monthly subscription mailed right to your door.

The first three months are always free, and for every person that gets reffer to join, you will receive an additional month, absolutely free. You can sign up for our subscription at

A great way to plan your homeschool activities and homeschool ideas.

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