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Space activity eBook

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Learning about space is one of the more fun parts of educating children. Most children are fascinated with the sky above and take quite an interest in learning about space. That’s why we created this adorable Space Activity eBook.

You’ll find fun children activities such as a space activity word search, planet order activity and space cards to learn words. There’s also other information about space, as well as other activities.

Why learning about space is important?

Learning about space is important as it provides your children with the necessary knowledge about the world around us. Human space exploration has been going on for years. Each year we seem to learn something new about space. Learning about space helps your children understand our place in the universe as well as finding out about the history of space exploration itself.

How old do you have to be to go to space?

Your children may wonder how old they have to be to go to space. So we’ll help shed light on this popular question from children. NASA has no age restriction set on how old one has to be to go to space. 😲

However the general age of astronauts who’ve completed the program and gone on to venture into space have been between the ages of 26-46. The general average for how old someone has been to go to space is 34.

Learning about space helps give your children a deeper understanding of what’s out there beyond our home planet Earth. Learning the terminology that pertains to space exploration and how each planet aligns in the solar system is a fabulous way to get your children interested in learning more about NASA. Plus about space exploration in general!

Space activity eBook

Today we are giving away our Space activity eBook. You can easily use this space activity e-book as a resource to provide your children hours of fun and learning about space. And it doesn’t have to feel like a tedious schoolwork hour. The word searches, flashcards featuring space terminology and other activities will help boost your children’s excitement about learning more about the universe.

These space activities will provide your children with a new way to learn more about space vocabulary, planets, and other details pertaining to space and the world around us! If you’re ready to get started, simply download the space activity e-book below.

So why not enjoy hours of learning about space with your children.

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