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Superhero pictures to colour In

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Last week we shared a superhero mask activity with you, to celebrate the release of a brand new picture book, Superheroes Don’t Get Scared by Kate Thompson, illustrated by Clare Elsom (RRP £6.99) from Upside Down Books. Today, we have a couple of fun activity sheets for you to download to help your kids feel like the little superheroes they are. We have got TWO superhero pictures to colour in.

This book encourages your kids to understand that fear is OK, and even Superheroes experience it from time to time. It is often how we deal with those fears that show us just how truly brave we can be.

These Superheroes pictures to colour in include characters from the book, so are a perfect companion to reading it with the children. Why not talk about some of the things that your kids are afraid of at the same time.

Superhero pictures to colour in: All friends together

This is an adorable colouring page for your children to enjoy while you discuss fear and what they think about this superheroes book.

Superhero Pictures to Colour In

As you can see above, the colouring sheet features a group of superheroes on a podium that shows the first place, second place, and third place positions. Each superhero is featured wearing a first-place medal around their neck. This helps your kids realise that they too can be the number one hero in life, and it really doesn’t matter where they finish!

Superhero colouring page: Kapow!

design your own superhero mask

With our ‘design your own superhero mask’ activity and these two colouring pages, your kids will be on their way towards feeling more confident and have less fear about the world around them.

Gather up your crayons, colored pencils, or markers and have your little superheroes colour each colouring page as you use this activity to help normalise fear so that your children understand we all get scared sometimes, but fear doesn’t have to rule our life.

Complement these activities by reading a copy of Superheroes Don’t Get Scared (available now), which follows the story of Maisie Brown, who dreams of being a fearless superhero because they never get frightened, right?

But when Dad explains that even the strongest, boldest and bravest hero can sometimes feel afraid, and that’s perfectly fine, Maisie realises there’s a superhero in all of us.

We love the simplicity of the book, and the key message for our kids.

To download the colouring pages, just click on the circular image below, and it is yours.

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