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Get your kids to eat a rainbow with the five a day KiddyCharts Superhero All Stars!

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Melon Five a Day Charts Star Superhero

Help your children eat five a day with our five Superhero Stars!

A new chart, already – but you’ve only been around for less than four months – I know its great, isn’t it? Today we have introduced the five a day chart to help healthy eating for kids.

Who struggled to get their little ones to eat their five a day?

In fact, who struggles to get them to eat their one a day!?

We have written before about how to manage with fussy eating, and to encourage your children from a very early age to be happy to eat their fruit and vegetables. Another tool in the parenting cupboard, is this new product from us.

We have some fantastic superhero stars to help inspire your kids to eat a rainbow everyday, with each superhero representing a different coloured fruit; complete with cape and mask. Who wouldn’t want to be a veggie superhero too, eh?

We have a superhero star for all the fruit and vegetable colours:

  • Green – apple
  • Red – strawberry
  • Purple – grapes
  • Yellow – banana
  • Orange – guess what?
Five a day chart - ballerina superheros anyone?

Five a day chart – ballerina superheros anyone?


Children can tick off, add a sticker, or do whatever they want when they have had that colour of fruit in the day; then give themselves a well-earned pat on the back.

So come on get building your five a day for kids chart now!

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