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What to put in your kids lunch box is a constant batter, and instead of the standard lunch box ideas, we have some suggestions for a bit of fun - lunch box notes. There are some to print out too!
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Free lunch notes for your kids

We all struggle to come up with ideas for what great food to put into our kids lunch box when they go to school don’t we? However, why not make the lunch box a little more exciting by adding a note to them, rather than agonising too much over the food inside them? These printables, […]

by Helen • September 25, 2015
Would you like something to help teach the kids the food groups? Well here you go - a Go Grow Glow worksheet, including some cut out shapes to get them using scissors and sorting their foods!
Free printable activities & reward charts

Food group game: Go Grow Glow

I remember my kids learning the food groups at infants (kindergarten); it is something that they still talk about even now. They loved the Go Grow Glow idea to help understand what foods they needed in their diet to give them a balanced diet. BALANCE is very important when learning about food. For a period, […]

by Helen • May 4, 2015
Do you have a fussy eater in the house? Here are five tips for saving your sanity when trying to get rid of those habits. And if all else fails - at least you know you aren't alone with having a kid that isn't happy about eating whatever you put in front of them!
Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

5 tips to keeping hold of your sanity with a fussy eater

I am very lucky, my kids aren’t generally a problem at mealtimes, but I have experienced those moments when meals can be a trial. In addition, I have definitely seen many of my friends battle with a fussy eater. They have tried every tactic available in order to get their children to consume a nutritionally balanced meal […]

by Helen • April 22, 2015
If you have fussy eaters, what can you do to get them to eat food - we have five tips to help.
Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

Fussy eaters: Five tips to try and save your sanity

  If you are mother to a fussy eater, then you’ll be all too familiar with the struggle of getting your little one to eat at meal times. It can be really frustrating to get fussy eaters to try new things and eat a healthy, balanced diet, but with these tried and tested tips you […]

by Helen • September 29, 2014
Meat Recipes: 6 ideas
Kids cooking recipes

Making meat recipes fun for kids: 5 tips to encourage meat eating

This is a sponsored post from Country Valley Foods. Sometimes it’s not easy giving our kids a balanced diet, particularly when we are blessed with fussy eaters. So, after the success of our post on encouraging your kids to eat vegetables by giving them a little added crunch, we thought we would turn our hands […]

by Helen • October 16, 2013
My toddler won't eat vegetables: What can I do to help?
Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

My toddler won’t eat vegetables: What can we learn from the French to help?

Not long ago I read an article about the French and their philosophy towards feeding their children, which when we hear the cry, “my toddler won’t eat vegetables” often, seems worth investigating further… I have tried to find the article, but alas cannot but I will share what I can remember with you. The French […]

by Beckie • March 26, 2013
Melon Five a Day Charts Star Superhero
Free printable activities & reward charts Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

Get your kids to eat a rainbow with the five a day KiddyCharts Superhero All Stars!

A new chart, already – but you’ve only been around for less than four months – I know its great, isn’t it? Today we have introduced the five a day chart to help healthy eating for kids. Who struggled to get their little ones to eat their five a day? In fact, who struggles to […]

by Helen • March 19, 2013
Fussy eating children: Carrot sandwich anyone?
Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

11 tips for fussy eating children: Kids just asked for carrot sandwiches!

Time to get out the smug face. And yes, that title really is true. I just made tea for my kids, and they wanted sliced carrot in a bread roll. One with ham and one without. It’s all not just down to the “eating your greens” behavior charts, though that probably helped when they were […]

by Helen • February 1, 2013