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Kids sleep: we all need help sometimes! #bedtimelive

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This afternoon, in anticipation of the Bedtime Live Channel 4 show at 8pm this evening, four lovely bloggers hung out with me to chat about sleep; and the problems that they are facing with their children.

It was a great chat, where we all agreed that it seemed that some children, and teenagers in particularly, just perhaps don’t needs as much sleep as we think that they do – so should we really be pushing them for lights out at a particular time if its just not really in their nature?

Come join us on the hangout for a chat – an even better submit your questions for the show to the beat those bedtime blues hangout on Google Plus and get your questions answered on the show. Just use the hashtag #bedtimelive and comment on the post on the Google Plus KiddyCharts page.

We were joined by:

  • Fiona Cambouropoulos, from Coombe Mill
  • Christine Mosler, from Thinly Spread
  • Susanne Remic, from Ghostwriter Mummy
  • Rosie Shelley, who blogs at Rosie Scribble and is also the fabulous Parenting Community Manager at Google UK, and finally
  • Me of course from Stickers, Stars and Smiles (my personal blog) and KiddyCharts.
Beat those Bedtime Blues #bedtimelive



Wednesday 20th of March 2013

Loved your questions guys, I'm going to look into those worry dolls that Christine mentions as they would be interesting to my son who is quite alternative in his viewpoints

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