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7 easy ways to help your kids to study online

Childhood means going through changes and facing different situations. Children at this point require guidance from their teachers and parents as they navigate tough transitions. After the pandemic, one of the toughest transitions that kids faced all over the world was e-learning. 

As a result, they have to spend long hours studying online at home, sitting in front of a computer. Although it’s not like they don’t know how to use computers or other devices. But without the help of parents, it will be pretty difficult for them to learn all the things efficiently.

So, how can parents support learning at home? What are the ways they follow to boost the performance of their kids? Lots of things to know, Right? Check out the below article.

How can parents help kids to study online?

There are so many things to know and understand to maximize the utility of online learning. You can also make the overall process effective by taking help from some of the best tools. In fact, it makes learning a lot easier.

For one, you can use different tools to record video lessons, and check your child’s progress. It’s also easy to create video tutorials, or even edit videos to give them a professional touch. Since you can record both audio and video, it makes for a complete experience.

1. Avoid distractions

Nowadays, it is most common among kids to spend their fun time on devices. But with the penetration of online classes, we need to guide them on how to use these devices for learning purposes. If they use Apple devices, it is easy to turn off the notifications and limit the time of using apps by applying ‘screen time. And for Android, there is a focus mode option to limit the use of the apps for a specific duration. 

Besides using devices, it is also essential to prepare a proper study space for kids to avoid distractions. Be it a kitchen table or a small corner in your drawing room. Just make sure you can eliminate distractions as much as possible. It will create an understanding in kids that when they are in this specific space, they must do their studies and nothing else. 

2. Taking short breaks

After creating a fixed space for your child to participate in online classes and educational activities, you must allow them to take short breaks instead of studying all day. In schools, scheduled breaks are there, which involve lunch breaks, hands-on learning, and some fun activities with other kids. The same thing you should maintain in their homes as well. 

We all know schools are not just for educational learning. It also develops social skills in your children. While in-person interaction during online studies is impossible, ensure your kids get enough freedom to do other activities. It will build focus and boost retention capacity rather than getting overwhelmed and exhausted. 

3. Getting help from a tutor

Getting success via e-learning depends on how well a kid performs in-class assignments, tests, or quizzes. But if you find that your children are facing issues with these things, maybe it’s time to get help from a tutor. Sometimes, student does not get enough attention, and there is no one to check the problems they are struggling with. 

Tutors can resolve this problem by giving complete one-on-one attention to your kids. They will easily find out what will work for them and what’s not. As it is not always possible for us to help our kids in fifth-grade history or eight grade maths. 

4. Keep a good eye on screen time

Even for adults sitting in front of the computer or laptop for long hours is pretty stressful. And when it’s about our kids, the whole scenario is even more exhausting, which may affect their brain activity and cause stress on the eyes. So, it’s vital to reduce their screen time other than e-learning. 

Spending long hours on electronic gadgets or smartphones may lead to disturbances in their circadian rhythm and also cause blue light insomnia. Having insomnia at a young age causes a sleeping problem and will not let a person take eight hours of good sleep. And good sleep is necessary for effective learning and boosting concentration. 

5. Create a suitable atmosphere

Create a suitable atmosphere for your children so they can learn effectively. It involves preparing a space with good availability of natural light and air. It will help kids feel comfortable while studying. Moreover, determining the background noise is another crucial factor.

Some children like to do their studies in calm and complete silence. While others prefer slow music or white noise in the background. So, the best solution is to ask your kid what type of atmosphere works best for them. Family support for online learning is essential for boosting the overall growth of students. 

6. Allow them to stay connected with friends

Studying in school provides students with good opportunities to socialize. But with penetration of online learning reduces interaction with their friends. You must know socialization is vital to develop interaction capacity with others that ultimately help them in their future studies. It also helps the kid to stay mentally healthy and balanced. You can arrange video calls with their friends or encourage them to participate in Scholastic forums.

7. Give positive feedback

So, how can parents support learning at home? The best way is to provide positive feedback and encourage them as much as possible. Children always look for support and inspiration. So, try to give them rewards like chocolate or toy whenever they get good grades or perform well in their studies. Always remember your kids don’t need to be the best, but you can appreciate them for their little achievements.

Other useful tips for parents to follow

  • Always make good conversations with kids about their online studies and listen carefully to their problems.
  • Always provide mental and emotional support whenever they need it.
  • Keep a good relationship with other parents and teach your kids to support other friends.
  • Teach your children to accept all types of situations and control their emotions when needed. 
  • Teach them to become responsible and maintain positive behavior so that they can manage their studies from home.


Family support in online learning is an essential thing kids need to boost their performance and shine in their academic careers. And they need constant help and proper guidance from their parents and family members. You can also take help from professionals if you or your kids get confused between anything with these new learning techniques. 

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