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Learning how to write is an important step in primary school. Parents can easily work with their children at home to try to teach handwriting skills too, of course. Most children learn how to write their name before anything else. If you’re looking for a new way to encourage handwriting skills in your child, then we have a great way to encourage this skill. Our pen license certificate and handwriting rockstar printables will help encourage your child to master penmanship. These are also a fabulous resource for teachers as well. 😀

Our pen license and handwriting rockstar certificate printables will help encourage your child to master penmanship by using better handwriting skills. #WritingCertificate #Printable

Why handwriting is still important for kids

In a world where technology seems to rule all, many parents wonder if a child still needs to learn handwriting skills. Truth be told, handwriting is still important for kids and here’s why:

  • Most of the homework assignments in classrooms are done by hand, not a computer,
  • Kids remember information better when they write down important notes and facts from their day of learning,
  • Handwriting is still used on a regular basis with writing checks, signing documents and even writing letters,
  • Technology may be advanced, but there is still and will always be a need for handwriting skills. When a child learns how to write, they’re able to earn their pen license. This pen license certificate states that your child has graduated from using a pencil that is easy to erase and now onto a pen. When a child moves on to being able to use a pen it means they’ve mastered handwriting skills in a way that allows them to make fewer mistakes,
  • Handwriting will help a child better understand the shapes and connection of letters to words.

Pen license certificate and handwriting rockstars resources

When a child is taught good handwriting skills they’re able to master the art of writing stories, telling tales and sharing their thoughts in a legible way. If you’re working on ways to encourage your child to use their best penmanship, then the pen license certificate will do wonders to encourage your child to thrive for the best penmanship possible.

You can download the free pen license and handwriting rockstar certificate by clicking the image below.  

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  • These are amazing tips. I’m currently teaching my toddlers to recognise numbers and letters and write them now. I definitely believe in the importance of hand writing.

  • I loved learning how to write. I don’t know why I remember it so vividly, but I do. I remember the extra large paper, the help I received since I was a left handed student… they helped me not to write with the paper all twisted and such. So great! Even though we have technology, students must learn how to write… I hope that is never in jeopary.

  • I don’t think kids shouldn’t know how to write. I taught letters to my son when he was 1-year-old and it was a success, he knew how to recognise all the letters and, surprisingly, we didn’t use any technology.

  • These are great print outs for the kids. My son has the worst handwriting so it will be a while before he can win that certificate. LOL!

  • Yay! Love the designs of your printables. This one is helpful for parents who are homeschooling.

  • This is such a great reward for the kiddos. We have been working with our oldest to improve his handwriting

  • Wow. Thank you so much. My little baby sister will love it. Besides I teach primary classes. This would be super helpful. Kids really enjoy these things. Thank you.

  • I remember getting little certificates from my 2nd grade teacher when I would pass a test on cursive handwriting, these really are hopeful to kids I think.

  • Nice going through you lovely tips and this inspirational post for parents on ways to improve handwriting skills of children.

  • I used to hand out these kind of certificates to my son when he was just in kindergarten. It really motivates my kid and helps him out.

  • Handwriting is, as you say, a very important skill for children to learn. These certificates are a fabulous reward for children who are trying hard.

  • It really saddens to note that many young mums I talk to don’t think that kids should learn how to write. Most give me the answer but most of their work is done on the computer. Over the years I’ve seen during the essay writing competitions my Club organizes that handwritten essays are becoming less legible. Lovely certificates for parents who want to help their kids to learn handwriting at home.

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