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Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown #9: Fizzing up for you all is…Pipsi

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Moshi Monsters Series 9: Pipsi


Swizzle, yesterday’s moshling, makes way for my daughter’s favourite on the blog; Pipsi. She looks a lot like a Strawberry in the good tradition of moshling fruit monsters from Eugene to Pinestein.


This little lady loves a jog and a workout; can’t you tell from the wee sweatband placed on the stawberry’s (Phewberry!) head? She is completely obsessive about getting and keeping fit. She’s do well with our Teamhonk activities right? Though I suspect she wouldn’t look as stupid as we did!

She is ALWAYS encouraging the moshlings in Monstro City to keep fit, from star jumps at breakfast to the plank over dinner (!), they are making sure that no moshling turns into a couch monster. A very commendable mission for a strawberry don;t you think?


Obsessive, driven, energetic.


Clearly she likes anything to do with exercising, so exercise videos, even those from Rosemary Conley, are a big hit; alongside the exercises like star jumps, that we are meant to do along to them.


Clearly, the sedentary lifestyle is not for Pipsi, so sitting around is OUT! And as for too many carbs before bedtime; you won’t see her tucking into a Pizza in front of Dancing on Ice, oh no. *would I?*

Rank – Rarity

158 – Ultra Rare

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