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Parent Blogging All Stars #17: Martina Pangrazzi

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Martina PangrazziThis week’s Parent Blogging All Star is Martina Pangrazzi with her blog of the same name.  She is mum to 3 children, 2 of which are twins! (and she still finds time to blog!!)  Find out more about her:


Your Name:

Martina Pangrazzi

Blog Name:

Martina Pangrazzi

What are the sexes and ages of your children?:

3 year old Boy, 9 months old twins boy and a girl

What got you into parent blogging?:

I try to use my experience to help others and make them feel the way they deserve to feel about themselves.

What is your top parenting tip to share with our readers? Can be on any topic for little ones :-) (under 8s):

Believe in yourself and choose the ‘no guilt, no regrets’ approach! Don’t blame yourself for what you weren’t able to do but give yourself credit for what you’ve done. Do what makes you happy and in control.

Can you share a parenting advice post with us from your blog too; your favourite one? Why do you like this post? Please include the link for us.:

There is no right or wrong in parenthood.  We blame ourselves, we push ourselves, we feel guilty and we never feel good enough. Why?

Who has decided what’s right or what’s wrong? There aren’t two same people on this planet, and there aren’t two same children on this planet. So how can one rule book work for every child or how can all mothers be the same?  You can read more here:

Who’s your favourite parent blogger at the moment and why? Please include a link to their blog home page.:

There are many mummy bloggers I like, I often favourite and retweet them on twitter. There are too many of them.

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