Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown #8: Going all sweet on you…Swizzle

Moshi Monsters Series 9: Swizzle

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Moshi Monsters Series 9: Swizzle

Yesterday Tumbles made an appearance on the blog; today we have a rather swaggering swine, Swizzle in our Series 9 Moshi Monster’s countdown. We are pretty much halfway there now, and so have introdcued you to eight of the delightful new Moshlings in the block.


These guys are a little bit strange, in that they seem to be incapable of walking in a straight line; in fact they swagger about randomly, and then use their odd, rubbery ink-soaked noses to graffiti the walls. They might look like they would be able to give you a few bob as well, but don’t be sucked in; the bling of their necks is made of pineapple rings!


Affected, preposterous, boastful.


To make sure they have enough blin, they are a bit partial to pineapple rings, and they like making a lot fo noise to, so snorting is big with the swaggering


They don’t want to get eaten, so aren’t fond of Flashy Foxes. Because they can’t walk straight, lamposts as a bit of a problem too. They tend to get in the way.

Rank – Rarity

150 – Rare

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