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Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown #7: Head over heels we present…Tumbles

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Moshi Monters Series 9: Tumbles


Bubbly was all excitable yesterday as we introduced him, but he isn’t a patch on the next Moshis in the series 9 countdown: Tumbles, the Nifty Shifty.


Personally, I was expecting this little guy to be called Brio, because, well; he looks a bit like a set of Brio blocks don’t you think? but the name Tumbles seems to suit him just as well particularly as they seem to enjoy playin Tetris with each other more than anything else.

How I hear you ask?

Well, if you see Tumbles jumping off a very high wall, it isn’t because they have had a bad day, no, its because they like jumping on each other, and their amazing swivelling bricks allow them to change their shape at will. *perfect*


Erratic, exuberant, daring.


Due to their wish to build themselves into all manner of interesting shapes, Tumbles like nothing better than, erm, tumbling; oh and balalaika music *whatever that is*


Because of their wish to keep on building, anything to do with gravity doesn’t go down well with a Tumbles…and that includes Apple Pie as well *such a shame*

Rank – Rarity

155 – Common

Because we are feeling lovely, we are going to keep this countdown going, and we will be giving you another Moshis to mull over tomorrow on the blog. To make sure that you don’t miss the new character we reveal after Tumbles, why don’t you sign up to the blog. You will also get lots of great giveaways, advice, reviews and more too!

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