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Moshi Monsters moshling Series 8 countdown Day 7: Eugene the class square

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I’ll be darned, it was Threddie yesterday! Today we have a Moshi moshling close to my heart, Eugene the Square Pear.

Moshi Moshling series 8: Eugene


He’s a little cutie is Eugene, despite his terrible ability to worry about absolutely everything, and so cast a disapproving glance at most things down his “nose” and through those rather fetching red glasses. He join some of the more delightful Moshis that are based on fruit, including Cherry Bomb, and Pinestein to name but a few….

Personality: He is a bit of a prude to be honest, so delights in being cautious, a bit of an old fogy, but is very, very clever too, almost geek-like.

Likes: Putting sticks in the mud, and twitching curtains; because he always has to know what’s going on, even if he disapproves of it…

Dislikes: Pop music, and Bongo Colada.

Over the Chatterbox though – what did she think of Eugene the moshling?

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Eugene

Do you like the latest fruity member of the moshling family? Would you pick this pear down off the tree? We would love to hear whether you like him or not. To be honest, I think that this little guy is my favourite moshling from this series so far..!

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