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Writing resources and activities for kids and parents

There are many benefits to writing, especially when it comes to children. From teaching motor skills to helping engage your kids creativity. We have included some of our most popular and important writing based posts on this page. Whatever stage of writing your kids are at we are sure you’re bound to find something that works for you! From writing certificates to free printables make sure you save this post on Pinterest for the future. Check out some of our writing resources and activities for kids and parents.

Why is writing important for kids?

Good handwriting is important for kids at any age. For example,writing is important for toddlers as it teaches key motor skills. Their delicate hands and fingers will become more coordinated and the muscles will be stronger. Writing is also important for older kids as it helps with their communication skills. Whatever way you see it, writing is a wonderful thing!

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Free printables to encourage writing in kids

The only place to start at is the beginning. So why not help your little one learn a love for writing with some of our free printables? Start with shape tracing and let their skills improve from there!

Seasonal printables for writing

Who said writing had to be boring? Let’s make writing fun for kids with our seasonal printables! Keep them entertained during Christmas, New Year, and beyond with our resources for kids and parents.

Use our life cycle series to encourage writing

Reward your kids’ writing effort with our FREE printable certificates!

Remember, writing and reading go hand in hand. The more confident your child feels as a writer, the more confident they will be as a reader and vice versa. Why not have some of our certificates to hand to praise them for both their writing skills and literacy skills as well?

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Encourage your kids love of writing with all of our resources and free printables!

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