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Frog life cycle printables: Get to know your tadpoles!

Learning about the life cycle of a frog is pretty fascinating. In this post, you will see how this little frog goes from being an egg to a tadpole; then eventually finds itself hopping around like the frog that most of us know it is. Whether your kids live in an area that allows them to experience the frog life cycle hands-on or not, this printable will help guide you forward in educating your child on the process of how a frog comes to be.

Frog life cycle printables

The Stages of the Frog Life Cycle

As a means to inspire you to move forward with teaching your kids about the life cycle of a frog, I’ve created a short synopsis to go along with the life cycle of a frog printable worksheet.

Fertilized egg

That little frog starts its life off as a fertilized egg. A female frog lays a cluster of eggs in a pond, they float there looking like a pile of jelly until it’s time to hatch.


The next step for the life cycle of a frog is to turn into a tadpole. The eggs hatch and out comes teeny little tadpole.

Young frog

The next stage in the cycle is the young frog. This is where the tadpole starts to grow front legs and looks like a fish combined with a frog.

Adult Frog

The last stage in the life cycle of a frog is to become an adult frog. The young frog will shed its tail and anything else that makes it look like a tadpole and become a full-grown adult frog.

Now that you know the basics of the life cycle of the frog, we want to share a worksheet that will guide you forward on your mission to educate your kids. This worksheet is a free printable and you can click below to download it.

Print this life cycle of a frog printable in color and have fun creating your own presentation with your kids to learn more about frogs.  

Here are some activities included in the ebook:

  • Montessori 3-part classified cards
  • Labeling the Frog life cycle diagram
  • Putting the frog life cycle stages into the right sequence.
  • Labeling the frog life stages
  • A set of frog metamorphosis notebook
  • Frog cutting practice
  • Frog number sequence puzzle 1-10
  • Letter F (for frog) tracing
  • Frog story writing in both basic and primer lined sheets
  • Colouring frogs based on the sizes
  • Frog missing number
  • Frog additions
  • Frog subtractions

Click the square image below to get access to the resource

Frog life cycle printables

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Your frog learning should be cool by now. If you need more ideas and tips about parenting and kids activities, you might want to follow us on Pinterest.

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Eve Morgan

Thursday 17th of October 2019

This is really cute - my little cousins would love this! I think it's great when learning is fun as kids don't even realise they are learning.

Nicz E

Thursday 17th of October 2019

Nice one..! I will print this to show my nephews, niece and kids. It would be fun to teach them about this in advance.

Mommy Rockin In Style

Thursday 17th of October 2019

This is so cute! I can't wait to show these printables to my boys. Thanks for sharing!


Thursday 17th of October 2019

This is so cute, something that I'd use to teach my kids. I'm going to share it with my in-laws and sisters!

Jay Mih

Wednesday 16th of October 2019

My nephews would love this! They are into Tadpoles!!!

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