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Complete list of recipes for the kids and family

Our cake, biscuit, and dessert recipes are a favourite with our readers so we knew that you would be interested in some of our favourite recipes for the kids and family. In this post we have compiled some of the favourite from the KiddyCharts archives!

We have so many delicious recipes in different categories that we just thought it would be best to give you the option to grab a cuppa and browse through them yourself. We hope you find some inspiration and get your kids involved in cooking.

Did you know that cooking engages so many areas of learning for kids? From time management, to reading, to following directions, to maths! It’s not only a great learning opportunity but also an invaluable life skill. It can also teach responsibility. The feeling of accomplishment they derive from making something for themselves and their family is also just lovely!

Check out the recipes below!

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Food related resources

If you need to address some issues around food or need a bit of guidance on how to deal with fussy eating then check out our food related resources bound to make meal times enjoyable for all.

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