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How to help your child deal with ups and downs: Roller coaster emotions activity sheet

It is hard being a kid. Emotions can be high because we are excited to see someone, or go somewhere, and then suddenly, things do quite go as planned and our kids can feel pretty low about it. How to help your child deal with ups and downs as a parent is pretty tough. It IS important to show our children though that this roller coaster of emotions is actually completely normal. We have an activity from It’ll be OK today to help teach our kids a little more about their feelings, and to help them deal with the highs and lows associated with them too.

help your child deal with ups and downs
How to help your child deal with ups and downs

From experiences as an adult, and during counselling training, it is difficult to really truly embrace joy when you haven’t experienced the lows that sadness and emotional pain or disappointment can bring. Junior school children are a little young to understand this, and even some adults struggle. What we can teach them is that the extremes of emotions are OK, and give them some tools and ways of dealing with them. At the very least, we can help them learn to talk about them.

The activity today is based on a roller coaster, showing the ups and downs of emotions as that roller coaster ride that all our children are familiar with.

Roller coaster activity sheet

We are asking your children to think back to what they have done recently, and to remember some of the feelings that they have had:

  • When do you feel really up and happy?
  • What did you do to feel like this?
  • What happened to make you feel down?
  • How did you deal with this emotion? How long did it last?
  • Were you able to acknowledge the “down feeling”, and talk to someone about it if you needed to?

The activity sheet takes the trip on a roller coaster, and gets children to write their emotions on those ups and downs on the track.

This is a simple but really effective way of relating our emotions to something that our children will know and understand.

To download the activity sheet – you need to click on the round image below and you will be able to access the document.

As always – we really hope that you like this activity, and do check out the book that this comes from as well….

It’ll be OK

This is the Upside Down Books publication that we have taken this activity from – beautifully illustrated by  Josephine Dellow. This has over 100 stickers for kids to have fun with. The activities are designed to help children understand and name the emotions they are feeling so that they can deal with them just that little bit better too.

To download the activity, you need to click the round image below, and it should provide you with the sheet you need. Any problems, do drop us a line.

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