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How to calm kids with a present moment wheel

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We’ve all heard of the importance of mindfulness – some of us even practice it in our own lives. But have we considered that mindfulness can also be beneficial for kids? Well, it can! Mindfulness is about being in the present moment. It’s all about the scents, the people around you, what you feel, what you see, and anything that helps you focus on the now. Just like this fab present moment wheel!

How to calm kids with a present moment wheel

We are very happy to bring you this very helpful printable from the book Chill Out: My Mindfulness Activity Book which is packed full of activities to help your kids be mindful and stay in the moment.

With over 100 stickers and different sorts of activities you’re bound to find something that will be beneficial to your kids no matter what they like to do!

How to calm kids with a present moment wheel

How does a present moment wheel work?

A present moment wheel helps your little ones get in the present moment. This fun printable is a wheel that your kids use to find a prompt to focus on the present moment. The best thing is that it’s a very simple activity that will help get your kids in the now during moments of anxiety; when we know that time is of the essence.

So, how does a present moment wheel work? Well it’s very simple:

  • print out this sheet,
  • place your finger in the middle of the wheel,
  • close your eyes,
  • breathe gently,
  • move your finger in a circular motion around the wheel,
  • stop and open your eyes,
  • read the question you’ve landed on,
  • answer it aloud.

There you go! Print it by clicking on the link below –

How to calm kids with a present moment wheel

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Mindfulness resources for kids

These mindfulness resources for kids are great resources to help you and your kids stay in the moment and live in the now.

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How to calm kids with a present moment wheel

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