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A mandala mindful activity is a representation of harmony and wholeness, but we all love them because they have become a powerful tool to help us with mindfulness. The repetitive nature of a mandala is soothing and allows us to focus exactly on what is in front of us; the shapes, the colours, all of it. We have a great activity for you today that goes a bit further than a typical mandala drawing you have to colour in. This printable allows you to complete the mandala mindful activity, upping your mindfulness skills!

Complete the mandala mindful activity for kids

This mandala is another activity from the beautiful Chill Out My Mindfulness Activity Book. The book brings you beautifully illustrated pages for your kids to enjoy and use to delve into mindfulness.

There are also over 100 stickers, which is a super fun way to engage the little ones into mindfulness in a way that they consider fun.

Complete the mandala mindful activity for kids

Why are mandalas Mindful Activity is good for mindfulness?

Mandala, which means “circle” in Sanskrit is a method used to promote stillness and full focus on the activity at hand. Which is essentially the concept of mindfulness all in one activity.

We have an incomplete mindful mandala meant to challenge you and bring you into the present moment. This is a perfect activity for adults but can also work for kids. It’s a bit more challenging for the little ones, but would be a perfect activity for your tween or teenager to work on. You could even do it together.

Complete the mandala mindful activity for kids

The purpose of the mandala mindful activity is to complete the drawing and make a reflection, or mirror image of the left side onto the right side. This would be the ideal, as it will really get you to focus and give the drawing all of your attention. Allow your creativity to guide you because the purpose of the activity is to focus on the process, not the final outcome.

Let these other mindfulness resources help and inspire your kids:

Mindfulness resources for kids

These mindfulness resources for kids are great resources to help you and your kids stay in the moment and live in the now.

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Complete the mandala mindful activity for kids

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