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How to help kids understand life better – mindfulness activity

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Being a kid can be overwhelming – there are so many different emotions caught up in those little bodies. Anything that can help make life more understandable for our children, AND that comes from within, will help them to deal with the world better, and with greater resilience. This simple exercise to help kids understand life better is a wonderful place to start a dialogue with younger children. As well as to get older children to understand things around them. How to make the world more understandable to our kids is almost a key part of being a parent; so why not make it a little easier with a simple activity sheet like this?

This is another resource from the My Feelings Journal produced by Trigger Publishing. Take a look at some of the other mindfulness resources we have on the site too if you have time.

How to help kids understand life better - mindfulness activity

It is best to keep the ideas simple with these kinds of activities. This helps kids to explore their feelings without worrying and instilling anxiety.

Depending on the age of the child, you can sit them down and discuss a specific topic that perhaps they want to explore more, for example going back to school, or their approaching SATS or exams?

Maybe they want to talk about something a little more emotional. Perhaps they are arguing more with their siblings, or their parents are feeling a little sad.

The things they want to understand more could be far more specific than that; so for example maths, fractions or how to write the letter “e!”

Decide what you want to focus on with the child depending on their priorities, trying not to lead them. Ask open questions so that you don’t prejudice the answers. We can do that unknowingly because of the thoughts we have about the topic ourselves.

How to work the with activity sheet on understanding things more

Once you, or they, have decided what topic(s) want to focus on then get them to write down the 5 things within this subject they want to talk about, or find out more about.

How to help kids understand life better - mindfulness activity

You can then discuss and help them understand, or if they are a little older, perhaps it might be worth getting them to do a little more research to help them to gain that level of understanding themselves. It is often easier to learn and gain understanding through developing the thoughts ourselves, or even better teaching someone else….

If there are younger children about, once they have worked through the sheet and found the answers and made things a little more understandable, get them to explain to someone else too. A perfect way to articulate the learning.

To download the activity, just click on the square image below.

We hope this is a good little exercise for you all. We are sure it will help your children to connect a little more with their feelings and emotions.

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