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How to make a clown costume for kids in three minutes

Clowns are wonderful – they make us all smile when we are down. Alongside the clown funny faces, the costume for your clown is the next most important thing to make your clown into a fun and fabulous figure to create laughter. So here is a little activity that you can do with the kids. How to make your own clown costume in a fast, fun, and fabulous way to help people laugh.

This is another activity from the amazing charity Clowns without Borders. Do check out their site.

How to make a clown costume for kids in three minutes

You would be amazed at how simple it is to get the clown costume right. Here goes:

  1. Set a limit for yourself – so three minutes perhaps. But you could go for ten if you have a little more time. We prefer looking for a shorter time, as you usually go for more unusual things if you do….
  2. This is how long you are going to spend looking around your house for things that you could wear as a clown,
  3. Don’t forget to go into EVERY ROOM, and don’t be shy, check with your parents if you can go in their room, look in the kitchen, have a looking in your siblings rooms (don’t forget to ask them too). Perhaps you can even pop into the garden shed as well to see if there is anything is there that might work? Be careful with what you choose of course though, make sure it isn’t dangerous, or belongs to someone else and they wouldn’t want you to use it!
  4. Remember – one of the things about clowns is that they LOOK funny, so pick items that look a bit weird or even are a total failure on you. Being a clown is all about failure, in fact, and its starts with the costume! Look at items that wouldn’t normally go on your head, or are a bit too big or small, or just don’t really fit with YOU,
  5. Focus on what you wouldn’t normally wear. Perhaps you could even think about things that you might LIKE to wear but have always felt a bit silly in? Silly is GOOD for a clown…
  6. Put your costume together, and then go show someone in your house. Did it make THEM laugh? What do they think of it? Make a few changes if you want, and then you are ready to go have fun in your clown costume!

We think this is a great way of becoming a fun clown – we hope you agree. Here is the sheet with the instructions on it:

How to make a clown costume for kids in three minutes

If you want to download this, you can also do so by clicking on the square image below.

How to make a clown costume for kids in three minutes

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