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20+ Frankenstein crafts ideas for spooky and fun makes

Frankenstein is both an iconic book, and a fun, but scary character for the kids – there isn’t really anything like the big, green (!) fellow to remind you just what a monster should look like. We have put together a few ideas for you for Frankenstein crafts, so that you can make the monster in whatever way you choose this Halloween or beyond.

Sometimes it is just fun to make a monster after all, whatever the time of year!

All of these ideas have been found on our family search engine, so if you want even more ideas than the ones we have included here, why not check it out for more inspiration?

Frankenstein crafts for the kids to make

Frankenstein is one of our favourite monsters, so we have found some of the best Frankenstein crafts for you to make with the kids, or perhaps even sneakily on your own|!

We think that we have managed to find some of the best Frankenstein crafts for you out there on the internet, and brought them all together for you to explore in one article. There is everything from recipes, to paper plate and toilet roll crafts, to pencil posts, and footprint and handprint ideas.

There is something for everyone here. Which one do you like best, do let us know.

  1. We are starting off our list with our very own Frankenstein toilet roll craft idea; simple but oh so effective,
  2. We love Disney on here, as you have probably already realised, so we have from The Inspiration Edit some Mickey and Minnie Frankenstein ears!
  3. Non-Toy Gifts has this wonderful footprint Frankenstein craft too,
  4. Lollipops are one of the best trick or treat ideas, but make them even more fun with our Halloween Lollipop covers, and of course we have Frankenstein alongside some other classic Lollipop characters!
  5. If you want to dress up as Frankenstein, here is a paper plate mask from Red Ted Art to help out,
  6. For those of you that like to make puppets, we have a few on the site, and Simple Everyday Mom has a set of Frankenstein ones too!
  7. Handprint crafts are incredibly popular, so why not make a Frankenstein handprint with Mombrite?
  8. Trick or treating is either something you like or something that you don’t, but whatever the sentiment, you might like to make these Halloween treat bags for the kids, particularly as we have a Frankenstein one!
  9. We are all about the learning activities on KiddyCharts, so why not help them Maths with this wonderful Frankenstein Maths activity from Kids Craft Room,
  10. As we hit the half way mark through our ideas, we have Artsy Craftsy Mom to thank for another set of treat bags, this time it is all about Frankenstein,
  11. To keep the green theme going all the way through the day, why not get some Frankenstein food, this Guacamole from On my Kids Plate is perfect!
  12. Yarn crafts are always easy for little hands to do, so here is a Yarn Frankenstein craft from Kids Craft Room again,
  13. For older kids, why not get them to do their face like Frankenstein with our Frankenstein make up tutorial? They can look just like Frank in the Hotel Transylvania movies!
  14. Who doesn’t want a Frankenstein donut – we thought so, get making these with Meaningful Mama today,
  15. Halloween or a Frankenstein theme wouldn’t be complete without a costume now, would it? So here is a Frankenstein costume that is so, so easy to make. Thanks to Mommy’s Bundle for this!
  16. Anyone for a Halloween cookie? If you would like one, check out this recipe for them from Fun Happy Home,
  17. We have shared how to make Frank with make-up (!), but how about some pages for you to colour Frank in? Download the complete Hotel Transylvania colouring pages, including Frankenstein too,
  18. Anyone want to help the kids get moving, so does Your Therapy Source too with this brilliant exercise based on Frankenstein and his puppet!
  19. KiddyCharts likes to keep crafts very easy to do, as we aren’t the experts, and this one is one of the simplest we have on the site. Check out our Frankenstein pencil pot today,
  20. Conserva Mome has this brilliant Frankenstein paper plate craft for you too,
  21. Finally, we have some Frankenstein rice krispie cakes that you can make courtesy of Urban Bliss Life. Why not pair them with our own Monster rice krispie recipe.

We hope you agree that all these are wonderful Frankenstein crafts ideas, and there is definitely something that your kids will love in all of these.

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