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Free Hotel Transylvania colouring pages book to download

You cannot fail to have been charmed by the wonderful character within the Hotel Transylvania series; from the over-protective Dracula, to his determined daughter Mavis. Not even mentioning the hotch-potch of Halloween favourites including Murray the Mummy, and Wayne the rather put upon father Werewolf.

Hotel Transylvania colour pages, nine of them for free. Includes the key characters from the movie; Mavis, Dracula, Murray, Wayne, Frank and Winnie too.

If you need to get your fix, Hotel Transylvania 2 is about to hit cinemas soon, and the DVD for Hotel Transylvania is available now, so you can make sure your kids (or you) aren’t getting withdrawal symptoms. You can’t fail to be charmed by the characters in both the films, particularly the rather loveable werewolf pups ;-) These little guys, and girls, remind me of some of the more hectic playdates we have had….

In case this isn’t enough for you, we have 9 (yes, nine) pages of colouring to download from the upcoming movie. There are all your favourite characters to choose from, including:

  • Dracula
  • Mavis
  • Wayne
  • Murray the Mummy
  • Winnie
  • Zoe Hotel Transylvania Bellboy.

All of the lovely pictures are displayed below for you – you can click on the individual Hotel Transylvania colour pages, or wait for the collage at the bottom to get the full book all in one go.


Dracula Pointing in Hotel Transylvania

Dracula bowing in Hotel Transylvania


Mavis standing relaxing in Hotel Transylvania

Mavis looking slight cross in Hotel Transylvania Wayne

Wayne scratching in in Hotel Transylvania

Murray the Mummy

Murray the Mummy in Hotel Transylvania


Winnie in Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania Bell Boy Zombie


If you want all of them at once then come take a look below….


We love a good colouring page on KiddyCharts, so do take a look on our printables board on Pinterest to see some of the other resources we have:

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We did also go and see the Hotel Transylvania movie too – so if you are looking to see it, check out the Hotel Transylvania review we did. The kids had a ball watching it, and are looking forward to the next movie in the franchaise.

Watch out later on this week and next in the blog for some make up tutorials as well; for Mavis and Frankenstein to help make your Halloween nights go with fangtastically well! ;-)

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