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Halloween parade invitation for you or your kid’s toys!

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We know that Halloween is going to be different around the world, so we are trying to come up with different ides for you so that you can still have fun on what is one of our favourite times of year. We love pumpkins, witches and everything else Halloween, and these strange times that we lice in aren’t going to stop us having fun! Check out our 101 alternatives to trick or treating, as well as all our other Halloween ideas for kids, and then take a look at this Halloween parade invitation as well. We are thinking you can give them out for a parade in your own home, OR a social distanced one outside in the street with just a few families.

Halloween Parade

You can see the Halloween parade invitation is address to a specific person, and has a definite location, but there is no reason why you cannot adapt this for your particular circumstances:

  • The lounge for a parade with your household,
  • Outside in the street for a socially distance parade in front of each of your houses,
  • At the local; rec ground where there is plenty of space,
  • And at your school in your bubbles.

Whatever you do, do make sure that you are sticking to the local rules for your location, and country.

We hope that you like this resource – it is important to keep things as much as possible like they have always been, where we can. This kind of halloween invitation does just that!

To download these invitations, all you need to do is go to the circular image below and click through.

Halloween Parade Invitation

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Halloween Invitation

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