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Why you shouldn’t let your kids go trick or treating this Halloween

We like a little bit of balance on KiddyCharts – so we have written about why you SHOULD let your kids go trick or treating this Halloween. What about the other side of the argument though? Why shouldn’t you let them go trick or treating?

Trick or treating is not everyone’s idea of fun. If you’re undecided, here are some good reasons to keep your kids at home this Halloween. Why shouldn't you let them go trick or treating? #Halloween #Parenting #TrickorTreat

Every year, we parents face the dilemma of deciding whether or not to let your kids go trick or treating. While many families love nothing more than throwing themselves into annual Halloween celebrations, trick or treating is not everyone’s idea of fun. If you’re undecided, here are some good reasons to keep your kids at home this Halloween. 


Light mask - with crosses for eyes for Halloween.

Safety is a concern for many parents. The moment you hold that tiny new bundle in your arms, you set yourself up for a lifetime of worry. The thought of children knocking on doors and talking to strangers doesn’t sit well with many moms and dads. In days gone by, when children played in the streets without a care in the world, trick or treating was a much safer activity.

Today, our neighbourhoods aren’t as safe, and in truth, you never really know who could open the door. Children are vulnerable and they can be naive, especially when candy is on offer. If you have safety fears, it’s best to keep your children at home or to go trick or treating with friends or family members. 

Healthy smiles

Wind up teeth toy, eating rubbers shaped like cakes.

We all love a treat from time to time, but Halloween is gathering momentum year on year, and stores are going all-out to lure customers in months before the actual event. The amount of candy that is consumed in just one day is incredible, and for kids, being exposed to mountains of sugar is likely to spell trouble.

Sugar is notoriously harmful for the teeth, and it can also affect behavior. If you are worried about your kids consuming too much sugar, you could look into options like creating scary-looking, healthy treats for a party at home or donating excess supplies to charity. 

Being neighbourly

Man with glasses peeping out from behind a door.

For every person that counts down the days until Halloween, there will be another dreading the moment their doorbell rings. Some people love to meet new neighbours, but for others, trick or treating can be a very scary prospect.

People who live on their own, for example, might not want to be disturbed, especially late at night. A survey conducted by Quidco revealed that 1 in 5 people would rather pretend they’re not in than open the door to trick or treaters. 

The scare factor

A head on a plate with a spoon and fork - for a Halloween party.

Halloween is a scary holiday by nature, but sometimes, going trick or treating can expose kids to a level of fear they can’t cope with. If you’ve got small children dressed up as cute spiders, for example, and they encounter a group of teenagers dressed as ghouls or blood-stained ghosts, this could upset your children and ruin their night.

If you host a celebration at home, you have control of the situation, but if you head out into the night, you might stumble across sights that your kids aren’t ready for. Nobody wants to spend the night comforting their children because they can’t sleep or they’re having nightmares about monsters or vampires. 

The weather

Rain on a window with reflected lights.

October is an unpredictable time of year when it comes to the weather. If it’s cold outside, or it’s raining cats and dogs, going out in a pumpkin outfit, knocking on doors and asking for candy probably isn’t the most enticing prospect. While some may want to brave the elements, staying in the warmth may be more appealing. 

Getting lost

Ghostly figures standing about in the dark with smoke around them.

Deciding when to let your kids go to a friend’s house or walk to school on their own is a big decision for most parents. As Halloween looms, there will probably be kids all over the country begging their moms and dads to let them go out trick or treating with friends.

Safety is a concern in terms of who your child may come into contact with. But you might also be anxious about your child getting lost. Even if you have walked around the same streets almost every day for years, there is a risk that your child may not know where they’re going, and they could get lost.

When it’s dark, it can be difficult to get your bearings. If you do have reservations, you could plan a route together, chaperone your kids, or ask an older sibling or family friend to go along too. 

Halloween is often a divisive subject. While many people look forward to trick or treating for Halloween, some parents don’t want to let their children knock on strangers’ doors asking for sweets. Every parent is different, and you should make a decision based on your own thoughts, opinions, and feelings.

Trick or treating is not everyone’s idea of fun. If you’re undecided, here are some good reasons to keep your kids at home this Halloween. Why shouldn't you let them go trick or treating? #Halloween #Parenting #TrickorTreat

We have always loved Halloween at KiddyCharts, but totally respect tat it isn’t for some. Whatever your choice, we hope you have a wonderful Halloween with the kids, and everyone is safe.

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Lots of thoughts there of ways you CAN keep your kids smile healthy at Halloween.

We would LOVE to hear what you think about trick or treating – are you going to be doing it this year? Let us know. And if you like our stuff, do subscribe to our newsletter too.

Happy Halloween whatever you decide is for you!


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Agnes Vazhure

Saturday 19th of October 2019

That celebration quite differs in every country but it can give lots of fun in whatever way they celebrate it. Maybe we must remind our kids to always be mindful and teach them how to protect themselves.


Friday 18th of October 2019

We are definitely living in different times. I can see why trick or treating can be a bit more Dangerous if not cautious


Thursday 17th of October 2019

I disagree with this entire post. It is a fun holiday that gives kids candy. Let the kids dress up, eat candy in moderation and teach them proper dental hygiene and they will be fine.


Thursday 17th of October 2019

I will completely agree with the fearing part, but on the other hand, I also think, let the kids know their limits.


Thursday 17th of October 2019

I can never say not to Halloween, it is so much fun. Yes sweets might be an issue but after all it is only one night, I don't believe in too much harm done that way

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