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Flowers play an important role in pollination. The beauty of flowers goes further than their outward appearance. This is why it’s important for children to learn the parts of a flower. Educating your child about the parts of a flower and the benefit of having flowers in this world is an important step towards teaching them how the various parts of our world work. So why not check out our free label a flower printable?

Label a flower free printable will teach your kids all about flowers and their parts and purpose.

This science educational printable for learning the parts of a flower will provide your child with a word bank:

  • Stigma,
  • Anther,
  • Stamen,
  • Petal,
  • Pistil,
  • Style,
  • Filament,
  • Ovary,
  • Ovule,
  • Sepal, and
  • Receptacle.

Using this word bank, your child can write the words on the photo of the flower. The words should be written where each part of the flower is located. As your child works to truly learn and remember what parts each of the flowers are named, they’ll be learning a bit about science.

Once your child has matched the word bank with the appropriate parts of the flower, you can discuss why each part is an important part of our everyday flowers seen around our community.

The parts of a flower

  • Stigma – The part of the pistil where pollen germinates.
  • Anther – The part of the stamen where pollen is produced.
  • Stamen – The part of a flower that produces pollen, usually it has a slender filament.
  • Petal – The colorful part of a flower.
  • Pistil – The ovule producing part of a flower.
  • Style – The structural part of the flower, also known as the stalk that connects the stigma and the ovary.
  • Filament – Supports the anther and is where pollen is produced.
  • Ovary – The part of the flower where ovules are produced.
  • Ovule – The part of a flower that develops into a seed when fertilized.
  • Sepal – The outer parts of a flower that encloses a bud, usually the green leafy part of a flower.
  • Receptacle – The part of the flower that attaches each part of the flower together.

Now that you have everything you need to get started in teaching your kids all of the parts of a flower and their uses, it’s time to click the image below to download your learning the parts of a flower printable.  

Label a flower free printable will teach your kids all about flowers and their parts and purpose.

Other activities

From the science of label a flower, you can then move to other activities to make kids more excited in the flower theme. We have several articles that might be helpful for you:

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  • You can also create a flower out of buttons as it is in The Best Ideas for Kids. It will be great for the Mother’s day, but it will look cute as well for the general flower theme.
  • Meanwhile, iHeart Crafty Things also has gorgeous 3D paper tulip flower craft to do with your little ones.

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