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Tips to get your child to stay in bed for all those desperate parents out there!

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Stay in Bed: How to

It’s a cry we hear from mums of toddlers all over the country, and indeed the world; my toddler won’t stay in bed! I have experienced it with both my children, first when they moved from a cot to a bed, and then when they were older when they just decided that staying in bed was just too dam DULL…

So, we have Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching again to chat about the bedtime blues, and specifically how to get your child, once you have put them in bed, to stay in bed ;-) I know it sounds simple, but it isn’t that simple is it?

We discuss a number of topics within this including:

  • Why our child might be getting up as soon as we put them in bed
  • Strategies for managing their refusal to stay in bed
  • What should we be doing when our child gets out of bed, how might it be best to react
  • How do we manage the endless, possibly made up (!), excuses
  • How important it is to stay calm when you child won’t stay in bed; easier said than done, I know….
Parenting Tales from the Sofa: Bedtime Blues

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If you have any comments on how to mange to bedtime blues, then do feel free to add your help to the comments below. We love hearing from you all.

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