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Parenting Snapshots #10: How to wean baby from bottle to cup

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How to Wean Baby from Bottle to Cup: Featured

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This week, as always, we have Kate Barlow from The Parent Consultancy joining us to chat about how to wean baby from bottle to cup, as well as discussing moving a toddler from a bottle as well.

We have chatted a fair bit about a number of topics recently in our hangouts, covering pacifier use, and night-tine potty training. Today we are touching on a slightly different subject from last week when we talked about weaning off the dummy. We cover weaning from the bottle instead. In this chat will will discuss:

  • How to wean baby from bottle to cup
  • Why it is important to move your baby from a bottle
  • What age it is sensible to do this
  • What do you do if your child is a little older
  • Is it wise to have a bottle in the bed?
  • Do babies need a bottle at night-time before they go to bed?

Plus a few more other helpful ideas for you all.

If you need anything else, then do contact us and we can help you out as well. Here you go, sit back and listen to the advice on how to wean baby:

Parenting Snapshots: Weaning off the bottle

Does anyone else have any tips? What worked with you and what didn’t when you moved from a bottle to the cup? Would love to hear from you.

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