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Instructions not included: Baby weaning

KiddyCharts has been horribly remiss, and not done a Parenting Tips Linky for too long, as we are putting that right, and re-launching them today. They will go out monthly, we already have them covering Reflux, Starting School, and Night-time potty training. This week, I am asking you to link up anything that helps us […]

by Helen • March 7, 2014
Weaning from breast to bottle
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How to wean from breast to bottle

In the final one of our series of hangouts on weaning we are chatting about moving from breat to bottle, having already covered stopping using a dummy, and moving from a bottle to a cup. As usual, we are chatting to Kate Barlow who will be giving that advice on moving from breast to bottle, […]

by Helen • January 8, 2014
How to Wean Baby from Bottle to Cup: Featured
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Parenting Snapshots #10: How to wean baby from bottle to cup

This week, as always, we have Kate Barlow from The Parent Consultancy joining us to chat about how to wean baby from bottle to cup, as well as discussing moving a toddler from a bottle as well. We have chatted a fair bit about a number of topics recently in our hangouts, covering pacifier use, […]

by Helen • December 13, 2013
Stop Thumb Sucking: It isn't going to be easy....
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Parenting Snapshots #8: Stop thumb sucking

It is not easy to stop thumb sucking. We have gone through stopping thumb sucking with my beloved Stuntboy. He got into the habit because of reflux when he was little, and he always looked so cute….I didn’t want to stop him. Boy did I make my own bed…. *ahem* So to help all the […]

by Helen • November 27, 2013
Weaning: Ten tips to help
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Top ten tips for weaning baby

Does the word weaning strike fear into your heart, or bring back memories of anxiety, stress and general chaos at mealtimes? Before we started weaning (my little one is 8 months), I thought…how am I ever going to switch her onto solids, like where on earth do I begin? Being a natural worrier doesn’t help; […]

by Vicki Moorhead • September 25, 2013
Weaning off dummy: Video tips from real mums
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Parenting Whine and Sympathy #2: Ditching the Dummy

Today we hungout on Google+ again – and thanks to Google I have a brand new, fabulous url, so come join us there: google.com/+kiddycharts. Uber-cool if I do say so myself, and so much easier to remember that the one before which you needed to have a degree in mathematics to remember. We had on […]

by Helen • May 8, 2013