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How can you help your toddler with their speech development, and encourage them to be talking and chatting? We have some great ideas for you.
Behaviour training tips for parents

Tips to encourage your toddler’s speech development

  In this week’s hangout with Beckie Whitehouse, we are talking about speech and how we can help our toddlers with their speech development. First words are usually spoken at the age of around one and usually consist of dadda, mamma or nanna.  Dadda often comes first much to any mum’s disgust ;-)  Babies will […]

by Helen • October 2, 2015
Teaching our kids about road safety is something we should be doing from an early age. The sooner the better. Here is some advice on how to help our kids stay safe on the roads.
Behaviour training tips for parents

How to encourage road safety in your kids

With millions of cars on the road (and even more roads being built) road safety is even more important to teach your child and this week it is the focus of our discussion in the hangout we do regularly with Beckie Whitehouse. So, how do we start to explain about roads?  What is the best way? Teaching […]

by Helen • September 25, 2015
Fussy eating - arrrggghhhhh. We have some tips on toddler food fads, just to help you see them through so they don't drive you totally insane!
Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

How to cope with toddler food fads

  In this week’s hangout with Beckie Whitehouse, we are touching on the subject of toddler food fads.  This is something most parents will face with their children and can often be one of frustration that can lead to battles at tea-time …. but only if we let it ;-) A food fad  is when […]

by Helen • September 18, 2015
In our latet Google Hangout, we look at the practical process to make the divorce easier for your children.
Parenting Tips

Google hangout – Practical help for your kids through divorce

In this week’s Google Hangout we are discussing the emotional subject of parents getting a divorce.    Together with Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching, we look at the practical process to make the divorce easier for your children. In our discussion we include: trying to keep normal routines involving both parents in activities explaining […]

by Helen • April 28, 2015
Parental separation can be a difficult time and this week we are discussing ways of approaching the subject with your children
Behaviour training tips for parents

Google hangout: Talking about parental separation

In this week’s Google Hangout, I am discussing the sensitive subject of parental separation with Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching.  It can be a delicate time for all parties concerned when a marriage or partnership has broken down and remaining amicable in front of the children can be a challenge. We have covered several […]

by Helen • April 17, 2015
We have some ideas for using those fantastic distraction techniques with kids to avoid those terrible twos tantrums and beyond...sometimes its too late to stop a tantrum with your child, but at other times, distraction is a great way to hold it off before it begins.
Behaviour training tips for parents

Distraction – techniques and when to use them

Welcome to another Parenting Tales from the Sofa and we are again joined by resident coach, Beckie Whitehouse, of Be Confident Coaching. This week we are talking about distraction and the various techniques that can be used to defuse a situation that you may be encountering with your child. Distraction can come very naturally to […]

by Helen • March 13, 2015
Behaviour training tips for parents

Praise: how and why we should give it to our kids

Welcome to another of our parenting Google hangouts with Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching. Today, we are talking about praise and how and why to use it with our children. We all like to be praised and recognised for our achievements and it is no different for young children who are often eager to […]

by Helen • February 13, 2015

#Fridayat11 – The one where we do the Honkbot for the Teamhonk Danceathon…..

It wasn’t easy, but we made it in the end’ Maris’ World’s pooter died, we got some stuff wrong, and so we moved the party to a different house, but we did manage to broadcast in the end… Last Friday’s chat was all about Google Plus shenanigans, the Teamhonk Danceathon and we were joined by Annie Spratt […]

by Helen • January 27, 2015
We are back with more Friday at 11 sehanigancs - this time we are chatting Red Nose Day, TeamHonk Danceathon and the HonkBot!

Introducing the Friday at 11 Chat Show #Fridayat11

Who fancies a cuppa with me, and a few other bloggers to chew the fat over the latest things in the news or just to have a bit of fun and a giggle? We might even have the odd tip here and there to make your life a bit easier, both in Parenting and beyond; […]

by Helen • January 16, 2015
wetting the bed
Potty Training

Google Hangout – wetting the bed and how to help

Welcome to another of our Google Hangouts where we talk about everyday subjects around parenting from potty training to teasing at school.  Today, I am joined again by our resident coach, Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching to talk about wetting the bed and to understand bedwetting coupled with nightime potty training. This is something […]

by Helen • January 16, 2015