Introducing the Friday at 11 Chat Show #Fridayat11

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Who fancies a good old laugh at real life - then join our chat show on Friday at 11am (UK), and we'll smile while everything else around us turns to chaos! ;-)

Who fancies a cuppa with me, and a few other bloggers to chew the fat over the latest things in the news or just to have a bit of fun and a giggle?

We might even have the odd tip here and there to make your life a bit easier, both in Parenting and beyond; but we aren’t polished, perfect, and neatly coiffured. We are real parents, talking about real things…no script, no clue, and no pre-recodings.

In fact, sometimes we may even forget to press record *ahem – not that we did that last week, no of course not*

So, if you fancy a dose of reality, are in need of a wee break on a Friday before the weekend chaos kicks in; then join us. We broadcast 11am every week on a Friday *shock horror.* We are all here because, well, a few of us just like chatting, and sometimes have some interesting stuff to say.

Promise to wear clean pants…just for you.

Our regular natter-ers are myself plus:

We have been known to be joined by others, including the delightful Mary from Keynko and Mari from Maris World.

Come join us today for the latest show! When we have broadcast the show it, I’ll post it below as well.

Here is the latest Friday at 11 from 16th January…

Why not come along and join us for a pot of tea and a chinwag :-D And if you can’t watch the replay!

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