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#Fridayat11 – The one where we do the Honkbot for the Teamhonk Danceathon…..

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We are back with more Friday at 11 sehanigancs - this time we are chatting Red Nose Day, TeamHonk Danceathon and the HonkBot!

It wasn’t easy, but we made it in the end’ Maris’ World’s pooter died, we got some stuff wrong, and so we moved the party to a different house, but we did manage to broadcast in the end…

Last Friday’s chat was all about Google Plus shenanigans, the Teamhonk Danceathon and we were joined by Annie Spratt (Mammasaurus), Penny Alexander (A Residence) and Tanya Barrow (Mummy Barrow) to talk about their trip to Kenya with Comic Relief which happened over the weekend.

We talk:

  • Google plus hangout chaos
  • Chocolate boobs
  • Comic relief projects
  • Malaria
  • Live streaming for the Danceathon
  • Training for the danceathon, and most importantly,
  • Celebrity moves for the TeamHonk team during the Danceathon at Wembley – will this include the HonkBot I ask you?

Come join us for a laugh, and take a look at what us girls have been up to over the last week. We were joined by PinkOddy, Bug, Bird and Bee again too. Another one here next week of course – perhaps it’ll be a little less chaotic. Then again, perhaps not….


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