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Google hangout: Talking about parental separation

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Parental separation can be a difficult time and this week we are discussing ways of approaching the subject with your children

In this week’s Google Hangout, I am talking about parental separation with Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching.  It can be a delicate time for all parties concerned when a marriage or partnership has broken down and remaining amicable in front of the children can be a challenge. Parental separation and divorce is difficult for everyone involved – but especially for the kids.

We have covered several areas of discussions to make this an easier conversation to have with your child, including:

  • when is it an appropriate time to talk to your child or children
  • how to approach the topic
  • reassuring your child or children of your love
  • how would you discuss it with a younger child(ren)
  • what you should not say
  • discussing the separation as a couple

Our video is less than 6 minutes long so why not give your kids one of our free printables and take some time to yourself. If you are dealing with separation and looking for help we hope this video can be of assistance for your and your family.

Talking about parental separation with your children

The delicate subject of parental separation and divorce needs to be handled tactfully. Here are some posts that we hope can help you through the difficult conversation:

Have you been through a separation with children?  How did you tell/discuss the subject with them?

Thank you so much for reading this post and watching our videos. We hope you follow our series and we hope to see you in the next one!


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